Thousands of printed letters were delivered to women in the lululemon collective, as well as women in coffee shops and on the street on International Women's Day 2017. 
The letter was featured as a full page ad in the NY Times and The Globe and Mail on International Women's Day March 8, 2017.
The envelope was posted on Instagram—followers were instructed to visit Instagram stories to read the full letter. Note this is a mock up and it didn't really receive one billion likes...or did it? No it really didn't. 
But it did receive over 250,000 views on IG stories, over 5100 likes and 4159 shares on Facebook, plus a whole lot of lovely tweets, comments, brand love, and an incredibly rad LinkedIn mention from a CD in San Francisco. 

Copywriter: Arrabelle Stavroff
Design: Rian Eygenraam & Katie Bambro
Creative Directors: Talia Cohen & Heather Thrash

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